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Bad credit car, personal, home loans for Toronto-GTA

Prudent is the leader in the financial industry offering personal loans, car loans and home loans to people with bankruptcies, proposals and bad credit histories across Toronto and the GTA since 1984.

Don’t be fooled by the claims of pay day loan places or other bad credit loan competitors. Prudent has the lowest rates for bad credit loans in Toronto and the GTA. Click here.

Our loans are all open and repayable at any time. We offer on-line and same day financing. No upfront fees.

Prudent helps to rehabilitate credit for discharged and undischarged bankrupts, people with proposals almost paid off and people with bad credit histories.

Bad Credit Loans

Up to $5,000 for Personal Loans. Up to $25,000 for Car Loans. Open, same day loans. Rates are the lowest in the financial industry serving people with bad credit across Toronto, GTA and surrounding regions – since 1984.

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Prudent Mortgage Corp.

PMC, is an experienced licensed mortgage broker with access to multiple lenders. Get the best priced mortgage for you. Take the time and energy out of shopping around for the best rates.

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Borrow With Your Car

Up to $20,000 in a fast, open, same day title loan with a paid-off car 6 years or newer (older higher end cars are acceptable) at the lowest rates in the GTA for people with bruised credit. Vehicle must be in your name only and fully insured..

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Prudent Value Cars Loan

Up to $25,000 for any pre-owned car bought from Prudent Value Cars. Or any dealer of your choice. Get the car you want and the lowest rates financing you need on the same day.

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Bankrupcty/Proposal Loans

In 1984, Prudent was the first in Ontario to offer bankruptcy loans. Today, it's the lowest rates bankruptcy and proposal lender helping those who need an opportunity to rehabilitate their credit.

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Auto Financing for Dealers

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable loan centre for people with challenged credit? Fast same day approvals. Competitive referral fees.

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Home Equity Personal Loans

Up to $15,000 in an open, same day personal loan if you have 50% equity to value of your home. No legal and appraisal costs. This is not a secured mortgage. Home equity loans can help in many ways.

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Credit Sense

Go to the ABC's of credit to find out ways to be a smarter manager of your finances. Say no to payday loans, say no to minimum payment on your credit card and more.

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Responsible Lender Pledge

Prudent Financial supports the responsible lender’s pledge. This ensures lenders have the best opportunity to borrow, pay back and contribute to their own history of positive borrowing, which contributes to the much larger process of rebuilding your credit.

Click here for full details on the Prudent Responsible Lender Pledge.


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