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Bankruptcy and Proposal loans

Residents in Toronto and the GTA and neighboring regions can get a fast same day loan whatever stage of bankruptcy they are in: after bankruptcy, during bankruptcy and even at the beginning of a bankruptcy. Why wait 6 years for a discharge to start rehabilitating your credit!
Proposals are different. You can get a same day loan after a proposal. However, during a proposal and at the beginning, Prudent requires the collateral of a paid-off car 6 years or newer. Note: Prudent may pay off proposals depending on how much is owing.

Why come to Prudent?

  • In 1984, Prudent was the first in Ontario to loan to people who were bankrupt.
  • Prudent is one of the most experienced lower credit score lenders. And you won’t believe our low rates and service in Toronto and GTA for people with bankruptcies or proposals. We go further than our competitors in our range of helpful loan services.
  • Having an emergency? Prevent costly NSF charges! Prudent will hold your payment free of charge up to 2 weeks if you call 2-3 business days before the payment date.
  • Prudent reports all your loan payments to the credit bureau which is absolutely essential to rehabilitating your credit score after a bad credit history.
  • Prudent uses the most informed, experienced financial resources to provide our clients with tips and advice on how to become a smarter manager of your finances.

Basic criteria for a Prudent loan. Please note that all loans are subject to approval.


  • Full time employment – 1 year – in a workplace of 10 people or more.
  • Computerized pay stub showing all deductions.
  • Earning $18/hr. minimum and/or $38,000 annually.
  • Self-employed? If you have a paid-off car 6 years or newer, call a loan officer for more info at 416-223-9300 or 1-888-852-7647

For more important info on bankruptcy and consumer proposals, visit our FAQ’s.




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