Product Details

  • Up to $20,000.00
  • Max LTV 50%
  • Max 1 year term and 2 year amortization No appraisal
  • No legal fees
  • Rate 5.75% plus an 12-19% annual fee depending on the strength of the deal Can close in less than 48 hours

Your fee is financed into the deal!

You can still charge a broker fee of up to 5% of the amount funded... E.g. $20,000, you can charge $1,000

To download as a PDF click here

Applicant Qualifications

  • Bad credit history – ok
  • Undischarged or discharged bankrupt – ok
  • Consumer proposal (even if not completed) – ok
  • Max 2 people on title – only 1 needs to sign
  • Applicant must be employed and receiving a computerized paystub
  • Housing payments not to exceed 30% of net income
  • Housing payments + payments to debt not to exceed 40%

Some Conditions Apply

We know no deal fits into a box but here are some situations (including but not limited to) where a deal may not qualify:

  • The applicant is self employed
  • Existence of a CRA debt
  • Certain property types and neighbourhoods

How to Submit a Deal

Step 1Email your application to
Step 2You will receive a response within the business day
Step 3Once approved your deal can fund same day as there is no closing process like with a registered mortgage

It doesn’t get easier than that!

Meet your underwriter
Deborah McGee

Submit Your Deal
You can submit your client’s application by emailing it to and you will receive a response within the business day!

Once Approved – Your client can visit our office to sign the paperwork

You are paid on the very same day!

It’s that simple!

416.223.9300 ext 259