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As per Bankruptcy Canada, rebuilding your credit is a process over time which you have to take seriously.  Financial institutions want to see how well you can manage repayments on the totality of all your credit activities including payments on utilities, credit cards, taxes and loans from banks, finance companies, credit unions, bills from dentist or veterinarian, etc.

Two common reasons people get into trouble with their credit include paying only the minimum on their credit cards and taking out a short term pay day loan when they  require a longer term to pay back.

Your Credit Report – a snapshot of all your credit activities

As per Bankruptcy Canada, clearing your name on credit reports is critical.  The credit report shows employment and your whole financial history including bankruptcy, proposals, judgments, collections, credit card debt and defaults on anything you owe ranging from the phone company to the gym to Canada Revenue.

Try renting an apartment, getting a mortgage, a student loan or even getting employment in some places if a credit check is pulled on you and it shows a history of bad credit.

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Prudent reports all your Prudent loan payments to credit bureaus. But Prudent cannot “fix”  or “repair” your credit.  The credit bureau reports on the totality of your credit activities. The bureau updates regularly on your payments on credit cards, utilities, taxes  as well as to banks, finance companies, credit unions etc. Prudent does try to educate  its credit-challenged customers on wiser management of their financial affairs using information from responsible financial sources such as Bankruptcy Canada, Industry Canada, Credit Canada Debt Solutions, and BDO.


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