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Bankruptcy/proposal loan specialists since 1984

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Prudent was the first in Ontario to loan to people who were in bankruptcy and proposal. Why wait years for a discharge to get a better credit score! Come to Prudent whatever stage of bankruptcy or proposal you are in.

We are one of the leaders in low cost bankruptcy loans in the GTA. Because our loans are reported to the credit bureau, if you pay on time, this will be an important starting point in re-establishing your credit score.

Personal loans up to $5,000

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Prudent offers fast, same day personal loans for people with bankruptcies, proposals and bad credit – at low rates in Toronto and the GTA . For more on requirements click here.

Car title loans up to $20,000

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Fast, same day, affordable vehicle title loans for paid-off cars or vehicles, 6 years or newer. Higher end models such as Lexus, BMW or Cadillacs can be older than 6 years. Very competitive rates for vehicle title loans in the GTA.

We hold payments free of charge

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When emergencies happen, we will hold payments free of charge for up to 2 weeks if customers call 3 business days before their payment date. This prevents costly NSF charges and protects your credit rating. This privilege is not to be used on a regular basis.

Open loans - pay off early

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Open loans mean you can pay off your loan any time within the loan period. Plus, if you decide to pay off early you may be entitled to an interest refund.

Experienced debt specialist on staff

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If you are overwhelmed with debt and looking for help, call Jill, ext. 224. She has over 20 years of experience speaking to people with a wide range of different bad credit problems.


Dear Jill, Gary, Deborah, Irina and all Prudent staff: Thank you for your excellent service and trust in us. You really helped us out.

Tom & Rebecca W. Toronto

90% of our business is from repeat and referral customers!


The Fineprint

Here is the fine print for your Prudent loan.

Min and Max period for a Prudent loan repayment

Answer: 1-5 years

What is the maximum annual percentage rate (APR), which includes the interest rate plus fees and other costs for a year?

Answer: 5.75% plus annual fee (ranges from 10% -19%) APR* – 15.75% – 24.75% maximum (effective rate will vary depending on the loan amount and the severity of your credit situation).

A representative example of a Prudent loan – How is it broken down with all applicable fees

A typical 1000.00 loan, paid off over a 12 month period borrows an amount of 1020.00 + $20 credit application fee. Total cost is 231.94. Payment is 104.33. This does not include optional life insurance.

*Rates vary according to credit risks but at all times compliant with all applicable legislation and Prudent does not rely upon any exclusion intended for a pay day loan company.

Liens and other searches 16.00 and up dependent on loan amount and amortization.

Questions? We pioneered the Responsible Lender Pledge. Call us anytime and we’ll be happy to discuss your loan and what fees may be involved depending on your particular circumstances.

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