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Prudent Financial is a Motorcycle Storage Loan Lender.  Looking for some extra funds this winter?  Use the value in your motorbike to work for you and get FREE storage for your bike. Need storage?  Think Smart.  Think Prudent.

How Does A Motorcycle Storage Loan Work?

A motorcycle storage loan is basically a car title loan.  You borrow against the equity in your motorcycle.  Plus, Prudent will store your bike inside our safe, secure and alarm protected facility. This is an alternative to motorcycle storage – but you don’t need to pay any storage fees.  Simply, store your bike with a fast, same day motorcycle storage loan based on the wholesale value of your motorbike – with payments to fit your budget.  Plus, you can pay off the loan anytime and retrieve your bike early without penalty.

  • Motorcycle must be paid off.  No liens.  No leases.
  • Full coverage of insurance may be required.

Why a Motorcycle Storage Loan?

  • Never pay for vehicle storage fees.
  • Way cheaper than a payday loan.  Say no to high interest rates.  Make affordable monthly payments.
  • All Prudent loans report to the major credit bureaus.  If you have a previous history of bankruptcy, proposal, collection or a lower credit score — this is a great way to help your credit.
  • All loans are open and can be paid off anytime.

How a Motorcycle Loan can help you.

  • Pay off high interest payday loans, credit cards and other personal debts.
  • Home renovation.
  • Medical or dental bills.
  • Travel.
  • Family celebrations, ie. birthdays, anniversaries.
  • Holiday expenses.
  • Emergency funds.

People eligible for a Motorcycle Storage Loan include – people in bankruptcies, proposals or with a past bad credit history as well as self-employed and people on commission or pensioners.

What to bring:

  • Insurance policy.
  • Ownership form.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Void cheque.
  • Proof of address.
  • Two references, preferably family with names, addresses and phone numbers.

If you have any questions please call us.  We’d be happy to help.  Call 416 223 9300 or 1 888 853-7647



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