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Bankruptcy Loans and Proposal Loans for Pickering

Pickering residents can get a same day bad credit loan at Prudent after bankruptcy, during bankruptcy and even at the beginning of bankruptcy – whatever stage of bankruptcy you’re in.

Proposals are different. Prudent offers same day loans after a proposal. During a proposal, it will depend on your job, income and debt and if you have a paid off car 6 years or newer. Loans are also available at the beginning of a proposal if you have a paid off car or if you wish to buy a car. Please note prudent might pay off your proposal depending on how much you owe.

Why wait 6 years to start improving your credit repayment history when you can start reporting with a Prudent loan today!

All Prudent loans are reported to the major credit bureaus in Canada. As long as you pay on time Prudent will report your positive Prudent loan rating (I 1) to the major credit reporting agencies in Ontario.

For pre-approval speak to a loan officer today at 1-888-852-7647 or apply online.

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Why come to Prudent?

  • In 1984, Prudent was the first in Ontario to offer bankruptcy loans.
  • You won’t believe our low rates and service for discharged or undischarged bankruptcy and proposal loans in the GTA.
  • Have an emergency? Call 3 business days before the payment date. We’ll hold your payment up to 2 weeks – no charge! No costly NSF’s charges.
  • All our loan payments are reported to the credit bureaus, so you can start to rehabilitate your credit.


Pickering – A Dynamic City in the Growing Durham Region

In 2006, Pickering was acknowledged as one of the top 10 cities in the province for growth in business. Also, in 2013, employment surveys indicate Pickering has the highest employment opportunities in the Durham region. The city has a total population of 87,920 with many diverse sub cultures – Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Filipino, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Caribbean.

Located near beautiful Lake Ontario, Pickering is also a popular destination for beach lovers during the summer. Other places of attractions in Pickering are: – Nautical Village, Frenchman’s Bay, Rouge River Bay and the Herongate Barn Theater. It is also the home of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation’s head office. One of the major Canadian Nuclear Power Stations is also located in Pickering near the north shore of Lake Ontario.