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Bankruptcy Loans and Proposal Loans for Brampton

Brampton residents can get a same day loan at Prudent afterbankruptcy, during bankruptcy and even at the beginning of bankruptcy – whatever stage of bankruptcy you’re in. 

Proposals are different. Prudent offers same day loans after a proposal. During a proposal, it will depend on your job, income and debt and if you have a paid off car 6 years or newer. Loans are also available at thebeginning of a proposal if you have a paid off car or if you wish to buy a car.

Why wait 6 years to start improving your credit score when you can make a start with your first reported payment to the credit bureau from Prudent – if you pay on time.  The credit bureau scores you on your payment history for all your loans. 

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Why come to Prudent?

  • In 1984, Prudent was the first in Ontario to offer bankruptcy loans.
  • You won’t believe our low rates and great service for lower credit score loans.
  • Have an emergency? Call 3 business days before the payment date. We’ll hold your payment up to 2 weeks – no charge! No costly NSF’s charges.
  • All our loan payments are reported to the credit bureaus, so you can start to rehabilitate your credit.


Brampton – youngest community in the GTA

With a median age of 33.7, Brampton is the youngest community in the GTA. Its fast-growing population numbers almost 524,000. The largest concentration of South Asians live here, almost 1/3 of the total population. Other ethnic groups include Latin Americans, Filipinos, Chinese, and Caribbean.

Many large employers have their headquarters in Brampton such as Loblaw’s, Rogers Communications Inc., Chrysler Canada, Coca-Cola, Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories, Bacardi, Brita to name but a few. Also, the city is home to the Canadian Forces Army Reserve Unit, the Lorne Scots.