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Bankruptcy Loans and Proposal Loans for Mississauga

In a bankruptcy? Get a loan whatever stage of bankruptcy you are in.  Mississaugua residents can get a same day loan  after  bankruptcy , during bankruptcy and even at the beginning of bankruptcy – whatever stage of bankruptcy .

It is different with proposal. Prudent offers  same day loans after a proposal. During a proposal, it will depend on your income and debt – and if you have a paid off car 6 years or newer.  Loans are also available at the  beginning  of proposal if you have a paid off car 6 years or newer or if you wish to buy a car.

Prudent reports all its loan payments to the credit bureau.  So when you make your payments on time, that loan history will be given the highest ranking from the credit bureau.  Why wait 6 years after your bankruptcy or proposal to start rehabilitating your credit history.

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Why come to Prudent?

  • Prudent was the first in Ontario in 1984 to loan to people who were bankrupt.
  • Have an emergency? Call 3 business days before the payment date. We’ll hold your payment up to 2 weeks – no charge! No costly NSF’s charges.
  • All our loan payments are reported to the credit bureaus, so you can start to rehabilitate your credit.
  • You won’t believe our low rates and service for same day bankruptcy and proposal loans in the GTA.


Mississauga – Prosperous, dynamic and entrepreneurial

With 713,443 residents, Mississauga is Canada’s sixth largest municipality. Over 60 of Fortune 500’s most prestigious companies base their head offices here. Some of the strongest industries are biotechnology, pharmaceutical, banking and finance and IT technology.

Although South Asians form 20% of the total population in Mississauga, there are sizeable minorities of Chinese, Caribbean, African, Filipinos and Arabs. The multicultural fabric of Mississauga has been entrepreneurial creating many small and mid-sized commercial activities in addition to the larger corporate presence. Prudent Financial also reflects this vibrant multicultural mix! Our staff of 29 come from 18 different countries and speak a variety of languages.