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Why wait 7 years for a discharge from a bankruptcy to start rehabilitating your credit! In North York, residents can get a same day loan whatever stage of bankruptcy they are in- whether it is  after bankruptcy,  during  bankruptcy and even at the beginning of bankruptcy. You can get a same day loan after a proposal. However, during a proposal, loans will depend on your job, income and debt and if you have a paid off car, 6 years or newer. Loans are available at the beginning of a proposal if you have a paid off car 6 years or newer or if you wish to buy a car.

Prudent reports all loan payments to the credit bureau. When you make payments on time, the credit bureau gives the highest ranking on your loan histories.  This is the fastest way to improve your credit score.

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Why come to Prudent?

Why come to Prudent?

  • All our loan payments are reported to the credit bureaus, so you can start to rehabilitate your credit history when you pay on time.
  • Prudent was the first in Ontario to offer bankruptcy loans in 1984.
  • You won’t believe our low rates and service for bankruptcy and proposal loans in the GTA.
  • Have an emergency? Call 3 business days before the payment date. We’ll hold your payment up to 2 weeks – no charge! No costly NSF’s charges.


Prudent – located in cosmopolitan North York

North York is a thriving urban and suburban area with a cosmopolitan mix of business, culture, education, medical, recreational and commercial centres. North York residents are served by first class hospitals, university and college campuses, sports facilities plus the largest shopping centres in the GTA.

More than half of North York’s population of 635,370 are from outside Canada. Prudent is happy to be located in this vibrant part of the GTA, well-served by subway, buses and highways. Our staff of 29 from 18 countries mirror the multiculturalism of North York, and speak many languages.