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Most commonly asked questions

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What are Prudent's Interest Rates?

Our interest rates are 5.75% to 9.9%, among the lowest in the GTA for people with bad credit.   Here is an example of interest plus affordable fees on a $1000 loan:  If you are paying 5.75% interest, the total annual cost of interest and fees on a $1000 loan are $227.39.  Total monthly costs are $18.94.  If you are paying 9.9% interest, the total annual costs and fees are $233.69 and total monthly costs are $19.47

What if I'm having an emergency and can't make a payment?

In emergencies, we hold your payments free of charge up to 2 weeks if you call 2-3 business days before the payment. This prevents costly NSF charges.

What are the basic criteria for getting a loan?

Prudent Financial Services is an equity lender.  We ask you have 50% equity in your home or have a paid off vehicle 6 years or newer or an older luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes or BMW.

What are the basic criteria for getting a loan?

Prudent Financial Services is an equity lender.  We ask you have 50% equity in your home or have a paid off vehicle 6 years or newer or an older luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes or BMW.

What must I bring in to Prudent when applying?

– Proof of address
– Photo ID
– Void cheque
– Two references, preferably family with names, phone numbers and addresses
– A bank statement.
– If you are using your car to borrow money, please bring your car, ownership, insurance and license.

If I am self employed can I get a loan?

Yes, Prudent has many clients who are self-employed but you must have the collateral of equity in a home or a paid-off car 6 years or newer.

Can Prudent fix my credit?

No. Prudent is a loan company not a credit management or counselling company.  The bureau reports on your total credit activities not just Prudent. A loan with Prudent does report your positive pay back history which can be used as part of a credit rebuilding program.  Click here for our disclaimer.

Can Prudent help with my credit repair?

Yes.  Prudent reports all your loan payments to the credit bureau so when you pay on time, you get a good rating Also, Prudent believes in helping our customers become smarter financial managers.  We collect the best tips from reputable sources to make you more aware of the pitfalls to avoid. Click here for the ABC’s of Credit

How do I know if I quality for a personal or car loan?

To learn more about our Personal or Car Loans and how to qualify, click here.

If I'm in collections can I get a loan?

Depends on your job, income, debt, and if you have the collateral of a home and/or a paid-off car 6 years or newer. If you do, Prudent has the experience to negotiate a favourable repayment plan with the collection agency, save you money, and then offer an affordable Prudent loan to pay off your debt.

If I'm working and have too much debt to every pay off, can Prudent help me?

Depends on the size of the debt and if you have the collateral of a home and/or a paid off car 6 years or newer. If you do have collateral and money owed is over $5000, call Jill, 416-223-9300 or 1-888-852-7647 ext. 224. If you don’t have collateral, your debt must be resolved first before we can offer a loan. For an overview of options: Click here for the ABC’s of Credit.

How are Prudent loans different from payday loans?

Prudent loans provide  low cost bad credit loans in the GTA with fixed monthly payments usually over one year or more.  Pay day loans are the  highest-cost short-term loans which must be repaid usually within 2-4 weeks.

With pay day loans, if you can’t make the payment, you must pay off the first interest and then re-borrow again on the original amount plus new interest. A cycle of spiralling interest charges often follows.

Prudent loans are all reported to the credit bureau — essential to start rebuilding a positive credit history.  Pay day loans are not reported – except when you default on payments.   Click here for: Say NO to Pay Day Loans.

What are the DO's and DONT's during a bankruptcy or a proposal?

Start a monthly budget!  Budgeting will keep you out of debt, allow you to save and give you discretionary income for some fun!  Use our budget form.  Click here.

Never borrow more than you can afford to pay monthly so you can pay on time.

Use your Prudent loan to take out a prepaid credit card for a small amount .   Use and pay off so you get another credit product with a good payment history.  But first ask about fees.  Some prepaid cards have hefty charges for signing up, withdrawal fees, etc.

Do not apply for credit more than 3-4  times within a year. These inquiries show on your credit report and can lower your credit score.

Do not take out short term payday loans if you cannot pay off the loan within two weeks or a month — the interest will be huge and you will sink back into debt!  Click

Do not make only minimum payments on your credit. For example, if you pay only the minimum payment of $10 on a balance of $926, it could take 8 years, 2 months to pay off.  Think of theinterest you’ll  be paying!

Do look for the Time to Pay section on every credit card statement you receive.  You won’t ever pay a minimum balance again!

I have a bad credit history, can you help me?

Definitely, Prudent has helped many thousands of people with bad credit histories across Ontario to get back on their feet. And we continue to do so every day.
If by bad history, you mean a bankruptcy, proposal and paid off debt, call Prudent . We can help you if you meet our job and income qualifications.
If by bad history, you mean you are currently in a lot of debt but have equity in your home or a paid off car six years or newer, call Jill, 416-223-9300 or1-800-852-7647 ext. 224 to find out how we can help you.
The bottom line is: Prudent wants to help you with a loan. We consider all the different variables such as job, income, debt, assets and family responsibilities. We feel good when we help people turn their lives around for the better. We regret when we cannot.

Do you offer services in different languages?

Yes. We have a friendly multicultural staff  from 18 different countries.

NOTE: *Information for the answers to general questions RE: managing your finances come from the following sources: Bankruptcy Canada, Industry Canada. Credit Canada Debt solutions and BDO, one of Canada’s leading accountancy, tax and credit/debt management firms.

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