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Secured Loans for Self Employed

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Loans for Self Employed

Stop being declined by the bank!

We know how hard it is to get a loan from the bank—especially when you are self-employed.

What do you need for a self employed loan?

  • You have a paid off car six years or newer in your name.
  • You own over 50% equity in your home.

A family owned business since 1984, Prudent financial specializes in lending money to people with bad credit histories or lower credit scores in Ontario.

We offer competitive rates on secured loans to people who are self-employed in Toronto and the GTA (Ontario residents only).

Why come to Prudent?

  • Prudent was the first in Ontario to help people who were high risk borrowers (such as in a bankruptcy or proposal – discharged or undischarged; bad credit; or past collections,
  • You won’t believe our low cost loans for people with bruised credit or bad credit in Ontario. Say no to payday loans!
  • All Prudent loans are open. You can pay them off anytime.
  • All loans  are reported to the major credit bureaus in Canada. Get your loan’s rating reported to build repayment history with a Prudent loan.
  • We think outside of the box when the banks don’t … to accommodate you. 
  • Having an emergency? We may hold your payment free of charge up to 2 weeks if you call 2-3 business days before the payment date. Stop paying costly NSF fees to the bank.

Speak to one of our experienced loan specialists today for pre-approval or apply online.

As much as we want to provide lending to everyone who applies, we do have criteria that we have to abide by in order to stay in business. Our lending formula basically takes into account your monthly income (plus assets) against your monthly unsecured debt (including car loans) and other expenses. If the ratio is beyond what we feel is realistic, we must decline the loan. Prudent has been lending and building relationships since 1984 and we have a long record of historical accuracy for realistic debt to loan ratios. Unfortunately, we can’t help everyone. But we very much appreciate your considering us and giving us the opportunity to compete for your business.– Jill Stern, Sr. Loan Manager, Prudent Financial Services Inc.