We’re a Family-Owned Business that’s been committed to helping Ontario residents unlock the equity in their homes and cars since 1984.

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The Prudent Responsible Lender Pledge


Our pledge is to understand each applicant's unique situation and provide the highest level of support possible.  We specialize in lending to people with lower credit scores. We also spend time working with each new applicant, understanding your credit history to ensure that any money we lend will not cause undue hardships.


Our loans report to the credit bureau.  Payday Loan Centres and most other types of lenders do not report your good credit records - which of course, does not help you get back on track.  We go the extra mile to report your payments consistently so you can feel secure that we have your back towards re-establishing and reviving your credit score.


We pledge to always invest more than money in each one of our customers.  We promise to invest the time and effort required to help you work towards achieving your long term financial goals and getting back to being ahead of the game.

The Prudent Choice

Improve Credit Score

Prudent doesn’t just provide loans to people with bad credit histories. We go beyond the industry norms to help you rehabilitate your credit by reporting all your loan payments to us, back to the credit bureaus.  Reporting is an essential step to rehabilitating a credit history after defaults, collections, bankruptcies and proposals.

Here When You Need Us

Have an emergency?  We know life can take unexpected twists and turns.  If you’re experiencing and emergency, we will hold your payment free-of-interest charges for up to 2 weeks (just call us a minimum of three business days before the payment is due).

Improving Your Financial Literacy

We offer the most exhaustive list of financial resources and tolls to provide you with the information you need to make wiser,more responsible financial management decisions. We encourage you to visit our Financial Resource centre to find the answers you’re looking for.

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