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Control Credit Card Spending During the Holidays

Avoid Using Your Credit Cards During the Holidays Yes, the holiday season is almost here. That means it’s nearly time for the excitement, stress, rush and busyness of the season. It also means that it’s nearing the time of year where a lot of people spend a…

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5 Bad Money Habits You Should Avoid

Avoid These 5 Bad Money Habits Everyone has a few bad habits. However, some habits are worse than others. When it comes to spending and saving money, there are a few bad habits that you’ll definitely need to watch out for. All of these behaviours may not…

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Need money? Credit cards vs. Personal Loans

Need money? Credit cards or Personal Loans When you need money, it’s easy to apply for another credit card. Credit cards are easy to get and even easier to use. It’s quick, simple and convenient to simply swipe or tap your card to pay for your latest purchases.…

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Bankruptcy? Consumer Proposal? What should you do when you start drowning in debt?

Bankruptcy? Consumer Proposal? What should you do when you start drowning in debt? Bad debt doesn’t have to be a situation that you can’t escape from. If you’re in debt and unsure of how you’ll be able to get out, there are a couple of options available…

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Can’t pay back bad debt? Is a licensed trustee or unlicensed credit counsellor a better option?

Pay back bad debt when it’s out of control Debt management can be difficult. It can be difficult and worrying to be faced with a debt load that you are unable to handle and it can be tough to determine what you can do to get back…

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