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Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage: How does it work? Part 1

Home equity loan or second mortgage ? which one is a better option for you?   Need some money? Make you home to work for you in times of need. There are many options of borrowing against your home. However, what suits your financial situation and need? In…

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Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage – How does it work? Which one is cheaper? Part 2

Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage – How does it work? Which one is cheaper? Part 2 If you have enjoyed the watching the first part of ‘ Home equity loan or second mortgage’ video series. Considering interest rates which option is better home equity loans or…

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What types of Bad Credit Loans and Services are offered in Ontario?

Bad credit loans are loans acquired by people with bad credit histories or those with no credit histories at all. These loans often have very high interest rates, and therefore are perceived as being very risky. Many banks in Ontario use credit scoring as device to check…

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Loans After Bankruptcy? How can it help you?

Why should you take a loan after bankruptcy? When you come out of bankruptcy, you’ll want to find a way to re-establish your credit rating. One way to do this is by rebuilding your credit history. You can rebuild your credit rating by taking out a manageable…

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Can’t pay back bad debt? Is a licensed trustee or unlicensed credit counsellor a better option?

Pay back bad debt when it’s out of control Debt management can be difficult. It can be difficult and worrying to be faced with a debt load that you are unable to handle and it can be tough to determine what you can do to get back…

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