Learning How to Live Without Credit Cards Will Save You Thousands

credit cards

Most of us have been there – that flashy new credit card is in our wallet, just calling our name. We are out shopping, and that great jacket is on sale but payday is not until next week. You are filling up the gas tank and it is double-the-points week – and you really want that new toaster. Whatever the reason, many of us have become conditioned to using credit cards on a regular basis – whether we need to or not – and what this means is that most of us have credit card debt that can grow to become problematic.

Learning how to live without credit cards will save you thousands. Many people don’t realize what the true long term cost to them will be once all is said and done when they start racking up credit card debt.

If you are considering finally cutting up those cards and learning how to live without credit cards, this we can help. Check out this great infographic from Ontario Bankruptcy Trustee Hoyes Michalos sheds light on the very serious issue of credit card debt and it impacts to both you and Canadians in general: http://www.hoyes.com/blog/high-cost-of-credit-card-debt/.

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