Low-Budget Valentine – Money Saving Tips for Valentine’s Day in Toronto

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Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips smValentine’s Day in Toronto comes but once a year and if you’re coupled up, you want to make the most of it. But how can you do that if you’re on a tight budget, or if you’ve been diligently repaying old debts?

Our money-saving tips can help you stay focused on romance, not your bank account. Consider this your low-budget love guru:

  1. Go to the opera.

The Canadian Opera Company has a free concert at noon on February 14.

  1. Write a love note

Put pen to paper to tell your sweetie exactly what you love about them. Pair it with a nice glass of wine and read your notes out loud to one another.

  1. Get artsy.

Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year, which happens to be the same day of the week that the AGO offers free admission. See some cool art and score big points with your date. The Aga Khan Museum also offers free admission on Wednesdays.

  1. Build an indoor fort.

Break out the blankets and pillows and construct a romantic cave in your living room. Spend the night snuggling, talking, and watching movies from your love nest.

  1. Volunteer together.

Spend time helping others at a soup kitchen, local food bank, or stay in and clean out your closet to donate clothes. Those altruistic feelings will help bring the two of you closer together.

  1. Play Iron Chef.

Cook a meal together with the ingredients in your fridge or challenge each other to make a dish with a special ingredient. Bonus points if you dance in your kitchen together while cooking.

  1. Hit the water.

Find a free indoor pool (or even if not free, a lot of indoor pools offer reasonable day pass rates) and go for a swim. If public pools aren’t your thing, you can always stay home and have a nice, romantic bath together — don’t forget the essential oils and rose petals!

  1. Visit a tropical paradise.

Some Toronto conservatories, such as Allan Gardens and Cloud Gardens, have free admission. Tour the flowers and get a break from the cold.

  1. Get outside.

If it’s not too cold, hit the streets of Toronto. Explore the Distillery District and take a cute couple photo in front of the “LOVE” sign. You can also go skating at any of Toronto’s free outdoor skating rinks, such as Nathan Phillips Square. Or if you’re not so into the idea of a super romantic Valentine’s Day, take a self-guided ghost tour and see Toronto’s creepiest destinations.

  1. Stay in and give each other massages.

If all else fails, stay in and give each other massages. Back massages, foot massages, head massages… You’ll both feel relaxed and more connected.

Valentine’s Day in Toronto doesn’t have to be pricy or unromantic. Use our money-saving tips to keep your wallet and your significant other happy.

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