Smart Money Club: Saving Money at Home During March Break

pruden1March Break is almost upon us, and that means the kids will be home and looking to be entertained. For some families this may mean a vacation away or a week filled with daily activities. However, if you are more concerned with saving money than shelling it out, we’ve got some ideas to help with saving money at home during March Break.

For the little ones:

  • Have a magic show. With the right outfit and the right tricks, kids can become magicians to rule the school when they head back to the classroom. Check out magic.about.com for some great tricks for youngsters. Many require nothing more than a few household items or a deck of cards. Let them practice and put on a show – they can even create their own invitations and decorate the ‘theatre’.
  • Turn the kitchen into a science lab and use everyday items from your pantry to conduct a few science experiments. Try DIY silly putty using dish soap (recipe here: http://www.smartschoolhouse.com/diy-crafts/dish-soap-silly-putty/2) or find all kinds of different kid-friendly experiments here http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/experiments.html.
  • Host a cooking show and let the kids take over the kitchen (well, within reason of course). Videotape it and play it back afterwards to give them a good laugh – and enjoy the treats you made together.

For the older ones:

  • Hold a movie marathon. Set up a home theatre and select some movies to keep the party going. Try a series the kids may not have seen, Indiana Jones for example, that will keep them interested. Stock up on popcorn and turn the day into a couch potato break.
  • Go Geocaching. There are several free apps available that allow you to map a route and discover hidden gems all around your local area. Just don’t forget a pen and some little trinkets to leave along the way!
  • Check online to see what deals are being hosted by local museums in your area – this is a fun way to spend a day out of the house without spending a lot of dough. With a little research you can even create a scavenger hunt to make things a little more interesting. Don’t forget to pack a lunch.

March Break can get expensive, so take these ideas about saving money at home to the bank and have a little fun without the stress!

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