Avoid common fees and penalties in Ontario

November 26, 2013 | Category: ,

How to avoid common fees and penalties.

Whether you’re a saver or spender, you may have faced situation where you had to pay fees or penalty.

Whether it’s an NSF charge or an ATM transaction fee — you can easily avoid them. Because at the end of the month they all add up and may cost you more.

For example – if it’s costing you only $11 per month for unlimited transactions on your card and no cost for 5 transactions in a month. You are better off paying $11 a month, because there is no way you will have only 5 transactions in a month — and when it’s more than 5 transactions then your actually paying more for each transaction (around $2 per transaction).

Watch the video to learn more. This Prudent video blog talks about how you can simply avoid common fees or penalties.

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