Payday loans come at a high price

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Payday loans come at a high price

Payday loans should be avoided at all times because of extremely high interest rates.  Think carefully before getting a payday loan, because if you don’t have the money to pay back pay day loan on time, then you will get caught into the vicious cycle of sky high interests.


The above video is for information purpose only. It has no relations what so ever with the services offered by Prudent Financial Services Inc.

Prudent reports all your Prudent loan payments to credit bureaus. But Prudent cannot “fix”  or “repair” your credit.  The credit bureau reports on the totality of your credit activities. The bureau updates regularly on your payments on credit cards, utilities, taxes  as well as to banks, finance companies, credit unions etc. Prudent does try to educate  its credit-challenged customers on wiser management of their financial affairs using information from responsible financial sources such as Bankruptcy Canada and BDO.



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