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With gas prices increasing all the time, it is easy to cast aside those costs as mere necessity. However, every time you fill up, that is money drained from your account. Even though we may need that gas to get from point A to point B, perhaps on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve your gas mileage and save money on gas. This week, we’re covering those tips that can help you save at the pump.

  1. Drive less. This one is obvious, but perhaps you haven’t yet considered the ways to make it a reality. Think about combining all of your errands into one trip to cut down on the driving. Get some exercise and walk or bike when you only have a short distance to travel.
  2. Slow down. You’re not Mario Andretti and this isn’t Formula One. Driving fast increases drag, which in turn increases fuel consumption. Driving at or just below the speed limit and not accelerating quickly is more efficient, so you may find yourself having to fill up a lot less often.
  3. Turn it off. Idling is a major gas waster, so if you have to wait, do so with the engine off. Idling also pumps nasty greenhouse gas emissions into the air, so turning the car off not only helps save money, it can save the environment.
  4. Watch your tires. If your tires are not inflated to the proper psi, this causes unnecessary wear and wastes gas. Properly inflated tires reduce friction and offer better gas mileage. Also, if you use winter tires, make sure to change them out as soon as the slush and snow are gone. Snow tires cause excess friction on dry surfaces, and this wastes gas.
  5. Open a window. When it gets warmer, many of us are tempted to crank the A/C but this is a huge gas waster. Instead, try to keep your car cool by parking in the shade and leaving the windows open a crack to help circulate air.
  6. Use a gas app. Several different apps are available that provide you with the price of gas at different stations in your area so that you can fill up where it is cheapest. GasBuddy seems to top most lists – and it is free!

If, no matter what you do, that gas guzzler doesn’t seem to recognize the changes you’re making, perhaps it is time to switch to a more fuel efficient vehicle. The older your car is, or the bigger it is, the less likely it is to be fuel efficient. Over the last few years, cars have become far more efficient and so trading up may just save you a ton.

At Prudent Value Cars, we can get you into a car that saves you money – both with overall price and when it comes to gas mileage. With gas prices increasing, it only makes sense.

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