Money Moron Rocks it Again – Great Financial Tips to Live By

June 23, 2015 | Category:

Do you have a money moron in your life (or maybe you’re that money moron)? Someone who continually mucks up the finances? That is ok – you can help rehabilitate! Check out this great City TV video of Canadian financial guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade giving some much needed advice about achieving financial freedom.

Gail’s financial tips to live by:

  • Track your money – every penny of it. Make time to sit down and create a budget and fill in that budget on a regular basis. Keep a money journal. Set goals and be realistic about your spending.
  • If the money moron is someone else in your life, you need to communicate. If you are lying about purchases, or playing the blame game, things are just going to get worse! Part of the problem for couples is a failure to communicate. If debt is a problem, you need to bite the bullet and have the talk – things will only get better from there.
  • Spend only what you can afford. That vacation may look fantastic, but if you are going deeper in debt to get there, you can’t afford it.
  • Get rid of the jealousy – it can only lead to problems. Change your perspective and be happy with what you have – or save for what you don’t.

Don’t be a money moron – or continue dealing with one! If you are living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay the bills month to month, chances are, there is a money moron in the room. Does that mean you are strapped with nowhere to turn? Nope – there is a way out, sometimes you just have to ask for help!

For more financial tips, or for help getting your finances back on track, call Prudent Financial today at 1-888-852-7647.

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