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You’ve likely already seen a number of them. They seem to appear almost magically as the weather warms up. People amass in droves to catch a glimpse of their potential. Some are far better than others, but the best can offer that needle-in-a-haystack find, that treasure trove of objects worth their weight in gold. We are not talking about unicorns or treasure maps. We are talking about garage sales!

Ok, enough with the nonsense, but we are not necessarily being silly. Garage sales spring up once, well, spring does, and that means the chance to cash in on some great deals with the right finds! Score!

But wait, if you are not looking to add to your collection, but instead are looking for a little extra cash as a summer cushion, hosting your own garage sale might just be the way to do it.  Here are some great tips to make your garage sale a hit and cash in!

First – purge. Stop hoarding those items that you never use. Set a time period, say 6 months, and work your way through the house, room by room, getting rid of anything that hasn’t been used in that time. Have clothes you haven’t worn? Sell them. Items collecting dust? Get rid of them. Anything that has value can mean money in your pocket (and one less thing to clean).

Once you’ve collected all of the things you want to sell, start advertising. Put up signs around the neighbourhood – usually the week before is sufficient. Take advantage of community pages on Facebook as well as free sites such as Kijiji. These are great at getting the word out, especially to those outside your own neighbourhood! Try to add images to your ads to entice people and show off your best assets!

On the day of the garage sale, start early. Try to set up as much as you can the day before so that you can do a few last minute things in the morning and be ready for the crowds. Set up somewhere nice, with natural light – but also be prepared in case the weather turns against you. Stage your tables, setting like items together and make sure that items are clean and presentable.

A garage sale is a great way to earn some extra cash for whatever you need. Remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure – so cash in with these tips for the most profitable garage sale possible!

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