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Understanding your credit score – how does it work?

Understanding your credit score is a big step towards improving your credit rating.  Watch this video to get some valuable tips on understanding what determines how your credit score is rated in Ontario. If you have bad credit or no credit, then you need to understand how…

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Will a payday loan effect my credit score ? Part 2

Will a Payday loan effect my credit? Yes! Payday loans are convenient to get. There is no doubt that! But whether this convenience is money wise — that is question Prudent will try to answer in this video. Did you know? Google has recently put a ban…

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Don’t pay only the monthly minimum on Credit Card part 2

 Don’t pay only the monthly minimum on credit card- Part 2. Paying monthly minimum on credit card may seem easy. But it’s not a good idea. Because you are never paying off the balance on your credit card, which will impact your credit score. One of the factor…

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Don’t pay only the monthly minimum on Credit Card Part 1

Don’t pay only the monthly minimum on your credit cards. First Part of this video series will explain some the reasons why we should not pay the minimum monthly payment on our credit cards. Paying only the monthly minimum payment of $10 on  your credit card can…

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How Better Driving Can Save Money At The Pump ?

Use Your Better Driving Skills This video is about —  how driving can save money on gas. Want to drive longer within your weekly budget for gas? Improve your driving skills. It is proven that driving skills can save gas money significantly. Simple acts such as —…

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Buying a car after bankruptcy is possible!

Buying a car after bankruptcy? Discharged from bankruptcy? Looking to buy a car? Well, you are not the only one! Check out Prudent’s video blog on buying a car after bankruptcy. Disclaimer The above video is for information purpose only. It has no relations what so ever…

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Avoid common fees and penalties in Ontario

How to avoid common fees and penalties. Whether you’re a saver or spender, you may have faced situation where you had to pay fees or penalty. Whether it’s an NSF charge or an ATM transaction fee — you can easily avoid them. Because at the end of…

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Payday loans come at a high price

Payday loans come at a high price Payday loans should be avoided at all times because of extremely high interest rates.  Think carefully before getting a payday loan, because if you don’t have the money to pay back pay day loan on time, then you will get…

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Use debt constructively – be smart with your money!

How to use debt constructively ? Be smart with your finances and stop borrowing beyond your means. This video will help to you manage your debt in a positive manner and make the most out of it! Disclaimer The above video is for information purpose only. It has…

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What happens when you default on a loan?

Default on a loan? So, what happens next? Nobody wants to default on a loan. But, what happens when you miss a payment on your loan in Ontario? Disclaimer The above article is for information purpose only. It has no relations what so ever with the services…

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