How to Get Approved for a Loan When You Have Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, it can seem nearly impossible to get approved for a loan. But it’s a catch-22 because if you do have bad credit, one of the best ways to repair it is by securing financing and repaying it responsibly.

When you’ve bruised your credit, several factors can help you get loan approval.

  1. Leverage Stability

If you have a good job, that can help make you more attractive to potential lenders. Stability in income and job security make you a less risky bet, so even if you’ve bruised your credit, if you can prove that you can pay off a loan, you’re more likely to be approved.

  1. Have a Plan to Get Out of Past Defaulted Debts that Have Balances

Unpaid debts are only going to continue to hurt your credit. If you want to increase your chances of loan approval, most lenders are going to want to see that you can pay back the loan. Making a plan to get rid of past defaulted debts that still have a balance will improve your chances. Making a budget, looking for more income, or looking at debt consolidation options can all be smart ways to erase bad debt.

  1. Look at Your Assets

Think of what you own that you can pledge as security. Some lenders will offer loans with collateral, such as a paid-off vehicle. If you own a home, you may also have equity available that you can leverage.

  1. Consider Lenders Who Offer Bad Credit Loans

Some lenders, such as Prudent Financial, offer loans for people with bad credit. Our team can help you borrow using your car, get a home equity loan, or a bad credit personal loan. At Prudent, our loans are all open and repayable at any time with no upfront fees. All loans are reported to the credit bureau, which can help with credit repair.

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