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We recently received this testimonial from a client who came to Prudent Financial looking to get out of debt. This was her experience:

To all concerned,

I wish to commend the great customer service at Prudent Financial. I did some extensive research and made an appointment to see them last week. Within an hour they listened to me, assessed my situation and processed a loan at a reasonable interest rate with manageable repayment terms.

I would like to thank Jill and Gary Stern as well as Farrukh Mushtaq for their prompt service and efficiency. Thanks to all of you, my life can now get back on track. I am truly grateful and will recommend your services to everyone and anyone who may need you.

We are so glad to have helped.

If you have equity in your home or vehicle, we arrange financing for people with bad credit, people in undischarged bankruptcies, and people who are filing for a consumer proposal.

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